The CML machine is a manual machine that allows laser marking of ceramic, glass or metal items, with different shapes.
Combined with a manual spray booth system, it creates a very flexible marking unit.


– High Flexibility
– Large surface marking


The BML range offers very flexible machines that allow to mark by laser sintering, large and heavy items.
The mechanic arm on which is fixed the laser is equipped with a handling assistance system.
Adapted gauges to the items to be marked allow a very precise positioning of the head of the laser.
This machine is especially adapted to sanitary ware and can be used also for traceability or decoration on to
finished products before packing.


– High quality marking
– Numerous choice of color available


The RML is a semi-automatic machine.
The different steps of the process (spraying, drying, sintering, cleaning) are automatic.
Equipped of several stations around an indexed turntable, the machine permits to backstamp items or to
apply customized decoration on every kind of product in small or large quantities.



– Space saving
– High quality customization

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Developed for high production rates backstamping (up to 1800 p/h), this machine is based on a main
conveyor and the on-the-fly marking by laser sintering of minerals powders.


– Very high efficiency
– Marking on all types of articles

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Robotized RML

It is possible to integrate the process of laser marking into the production flow by using robots that insure
the different steps of the process (colour spraying, drying, marking and cleaning).
Furthermore, CERINNOV can design full automatized autonomous laser marking cells.


– High flexibility
– Full Autonomic machine

Melting & densification

CERINNOV has developed the laser system for the melting or the densification of raw materials, allowing
energy saving and flexibility increase.


– High energy saving
– Low cost of small quantity production


CDL machine is a manual cell that is used to cut decals. Flexible and precise, it can cut a stack of decal


– High Flexibility
– Automatic & precise cutting