Pressure casting machine

This range of machinery is designed for the production of tableware, cookware and technical ceramics.
The main operation is the high pressure injection of clay slips (porcelain, bone china, vitreous) into
porous moulds.

A filtration action through the porous mould ensures articles with a sufficient hardness that could be
handled by a robot application. Several types of machines are available according to the number of casting
moulds (heads) and the casting pressure.


– Tiny particles casting
– Flexibility & High efficiency
– Optimization

Robotized presssure casting machine

With the new versions of automated high pressure casting lines, we offer considerable increases to
productivity and a greater flexibility. This unit has been created in order to work 7/24.

Beside the pressure casting head, this all-in-one line is equipped with a robot to unload the press, a dryer
and a finishing unit. This line fits perfectly for high labour cost markets. These lines can be used for
tableware and technical ceramics.


– Automatic clamping system
– Quick change of tools
– Tiny particles casting

Automatic Jiggering Line

Our automatic roller cup jiggering line has been designed for manufacturing of cups and small sized
hollowware. The concept also fits to manufacture large-sized hollowware and plates.

The automated line integrates : a de-airing extruder, automatic roller heads, mould drying system, finishing
equipment, reverse system of the cups, automatic handle sticking equipment and an unloading conveyor.
As a complement it is possible to add a white dryer.


– High productivity & flexibility
– Modlar construction

Automatic casting machine

This machine enables a simultaneous automatic production of many different shapes due to the adjustment
flexibility of the casting nozzle positions.

The machine consists of : 4 independent working lines (for the adjustment 4 different thicknesses),
4 adjustable feeding nozzles, emptying station with adjustable angle and a mould dryer.

An important feature contributing to improvement of product quality is the variable speed mould rotation
device, which allows rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise.


– High Flexibility
– Universal holder

Finishing Machine

Cerinnov offers a large range of finishing machines installed after the shaping process.
The machines can be adapted to your need with the possibility to add robots or carousels and finishing
systems by sponge or abrasive.


– Flexibility
– High efficiency
– Repeatability