Total Transfer pad printing machine

The pad printing technology enables the application of ceramic colour, glass enamel or precious metal by Total Transfer. The process can be applied on flat- or holloware with complex shapes.

The application of colour is achieved by a deformed and heated silicone pad. It can be used on glass, ceramic or enamel steel.

CERINNOV has a range of automated and semi-automated machinery, enabling complex decorations of 1 – 8 colours.


– Decoration on all types of articles
– Low cost production

Engraved plate printing machine

The machine has been created for the application of high quality complex decoration of 1 – 8 colours on to ceramic articles (unglazed biscuit or glazed articles). The process uses an engraved plate made of steel or polymer allowing the reproduction of the decoration, and a silicone pad to transfer the decoration on to the article.

This machine operates with both cold and thermoplastic inks, because it integrates a heating system. Thanks to the pad lift settings and the support table of the article, different articles can be decorated.


– High efficiency
– High definition quality of decoration


This machine has been developed for the application of high quality back stamps on to glass or ceramic articles (glazed, biscuit or green), using Total Transfer technology or engraved plate printing system.


– Very high efficeincy
– Stamp diameter of up to 100mm

Heat release decal application

This machine is designed to transfer decals automatically onto a large number of articles from an integrated
storage system of decals, a heating plate and a silicone pad or roller.
The application of the decal on the article to be decorated is done thanks to deformed and heated silicone
pad that allows decoration of irregular and non-even surfaces which would otherwise take a long time to
decorate manually. When the decals are released on to the articles no other operation is needed and they
can be fired directly.


– High Precision
– Complex shapes decoration
– Multiple application on an article

360deg heat release

The machine consists of four stations turret indexing in a vertical and carrying four fixed position chucks.
The turret can be tilted to adjust for taper and lifted to adjust for the diameter of the item.
Both settings are shown by digital positioning indicators.

Decals are fed individually from storage over a heated platen to a heated silicone roller.
It removes the print from the decal paper and transfers it to the item. Heat controllers allow the
temperature of the sillicone roller and the heated platen to be individually adjusted.
This enables an efficient applying of different types of decals.
A fine tune adjustment synchronizes the pickup of the decal onto the silicone roller to give accurate
positioning on the item relative to the handle.


– High precision
– Complex shapes decoration
– Automatic cove tracking

Lining & banding machine

This machine is especially designed for decorating flatware or hollowware.
In a single movement the machine is capable of applying two lines or bands with either ceramic colour or
precious metal. The application can be made for on or under glaze.
Porcelain, bone china or earthenware and also glass or metal can be decorated.


– Multi lines
– Precious metals
– Organic colors