cerinnov special equipment


Cerinnov has developed different technologies for dryers, as :

– Infrared dryers
– Cullets or fritts infrared driers with vibrating conveyors
– High energy efficiency double flow dryers
– Swingtray dryers


-Energy saving
– Reduction of cycle time


– Shaping by filtering of mineral compositions
– Shaping of nanometric compositions
– Study and design of customized filtration tools (porous resin, …)


– High density
– Nanometric composition

Surface treatment

– Laser sintering with mineral or metallic powder
– Strengthening by ceramic deposit
– Ablation of organic coating
– Surface coating of organic or mineral product
– Surface staining


– Personalized study of your needs
– Energy saving process

Tape casting unit

Tape casting consists in laying a suspension of powder and organic components over a flat surface.

Initially used for the painting, paper and plastic industries, tape casting allows large and thin ceramic sheets.
It also gives good results in electronics (substrates, multi-layered capacitors, etc. …).


– Sheet thickness between 25 µm & 1 mm
– Sheet homogeneity and resistance