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  • 1997:  Filing of a worldwide patent of mineral powders sintering laser by Arnaud Hory, CEO of the Cerinnov Group. This technology allows to mark ceramic, glass or metal objects with a lower energy comsumption than the traditional processes requiring oven firing.
  • 1998: Creation of CERLASE (CERamic LASEr), specialized in the manufacturing of machines using the sintering laser technology.
  • 2001:  Construction of a building on Ester Technopole Park to be closer to technology transfer centers and also to the Ceramic European Pole.
  • 2002:  Deloitte price rewarding companies having the biggest turnover growth rate (+ 652 %).
  • 2008: Buy-out of ELMECERAM (created in 1975), CSPO, CFMO, CERINNOV UK, specialized in the manufacturing of production and decoration machines for ceramics and glass.

   Birth of the CERINNOV group, including the Elmeceram, Elmeglass, Cerico, Malkin and Celisys brands.

   The new structure is composed of 3 poles:

    •  CERLASE: R&D, administrative department
    •  CERINNOV FRANCE: sales, mechanical, electrical, robotics and systems design office
    •  CERINNOV UK: sales, after-sales service
  • 2008:  Repurchase of a building of 2,600 m² on Ester Technopole Park to face this growth.
  • June 2013:  Buy-out of WISTRA FRANCE, previously Coudamy founded in 1953, and WISTRA GERMANY specialized in the design and manufacturing of thermal equipment for the technical and traditional ceramics and the glass markets. Wistra holds a leading position in thermal engineering.

   This buy-out allows the Cerinnov group to become a strong actor in the supply of turnkey plants.

   From the buy-out of Wistra Germany was born the new subsidiary WISTRA CERINNOV GMBH, based in Cologne.

   Activities : sales, after-sales service.

  • January 2014:  Creation of the american subsidiary CERINNOV INC. in the region of Denver. Cerinnov Inc. offers the same services as Cerinnov France, i.e. the engineering , the manufacturing and the after-sales service for all the products proposed by the group.

   Sales growth of more than 90 % between 2012 and 2013, among which 90 % are made at export.

   Increase of more than 80 % of the staff compared with 2012, to reach a workforce of 73 people.

  • 2014: 1,600 m² extension of Ester building.