Partnership & Development

CERINNOV has strong relationship with laboratories located on the Limoges technology park (GEMH, SPCTS, XLIM).

These partnerships give to CERINNOV the access to Hi-tech analysis laboratory equipment (ICP, laser particle measurement instrument, DRX, ATD-TG…) in addition to CERINNOV ones (Rheometer, Colorimeter).

Convinced that the technological competitiveness is an essential engine of the growth of its clients, CERINNOV has established its own R&D department endowed with a team of competent engineers, developing in close partnership with its clients the new technologies of tomorrow.

CERINNOV is actively involved in global European R&D projects (ISI, ANR, FUI, EUROSTARS…) as capital goods supplier or as material and laser expert (decoration, tooling, surface treatment).


– Pôle Européen de la Céramique
– Développement de couleurs personnalisées

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Laser machining of ceramics

Thanks to the integration of new laser sources, it is now possible to machine without any constraint all kind
of mineral materials (porcelain, plaster, ceramic glass, …).


– No micro-crack
– Flexibility

Laser melting of mineral powders

The laser melting of mineral powders enables to reach high temperatures in order to achieve energy savings.


Filtering or other aqueous mineral suspension (alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide …) by filter media.

Formatting by filtration of submicron or nanoscale suspensions without added binder.

Casting pressure ceramic slurry from raw materials

Development of pressure casting slips from raw materials and optimization of the customer cycle time study of the state of flocculation / deflocculation of the slip.


Thanks to the experience acquired with Elmeglass, Cerlase and Malkin,
Cerinnov possesses a know how concerning deposit of mineral or metal powders on substrate:
– Electrostatic powder spray
– Spray suspension in aqueous base
– Vibro-rotating disk spraying


CERINNOV offers to its customers, a technical training taught by engineers. They can be performed at the
premises of CERINNOV or directly to the customer site.

The main trainings are:
Spraying: The principle of operation of the spray gun Viper, its settings, its positioning and maintenance will be the training.

Principle of a laser: In this course, the main points are the components of a laser beam characteristics, etc…
Different types of lasers will be studied and their properties.

CERINNOV can also provide other courses on request, or when ordering new machines (robot programming, machine maintenance …).