Marking, traceability and authentication

Our applications allow:
– Creation of decorative or traceability marking which answers to precise specifications
(colorimetry, chemical resistance, mechanical, thermal).

– Product authentication and fight against counterfeiting thanks to a specific optical tracer
integrated in laser sintering powders. They reflect a unique signature when the optical tracer is excited at a
specific wavelength (developed together with Naomarq).

Functionalization & Melting

Our applications allow:
– To functionalize surfaces (thermal, dielectric, chemical barrier)
– To reach very high temperatures
– The melting of raw materials
– Energy savings
– High flexibility

Cuts, drills and welding

We also offer some applications as:
– Realisation of an organic coated ablation on glass, metal or plastic
– Cutting or drilling glass or ceramics
– Welding glass/glass, ceramic/glass, metal/ceramic and metal/glass by laser sintering of mineral powder