cerinnov glazing

Spray glazing line

Cerinnov has developed a range of spray glazing machines that can meet your needs :


– High flexibility
– Up to 40 pieces per min
– Bi-colour glazing

Glazing line by curtain of enamel

For the ceramics with a porous biscuit, Cerinnov has developed glazing line by curtain of enamel.
The line is adapted to hollowware and allows thin and homogenous glazing.

The settings are easy and permit both intern and exterior glazing.


– Space saving
– High efficiency

Dipping Glazing Line

Cerinnov’s dipping glazing lines allow, thanks to this process, to glaze items with porous biscuit or single fired ceramics.


– Flexibility
– Mono-color

Rotative spray glazing machine

This machine is designed to glaze ceramic articles of different sizes by spray gun, with a production rate of
up to 600 p/h.
It sprays a 2-colour glazing with a very precise border and a homogenous colour glazing.
Its mobile booths allow easy cleaning and quick colour change.
The very precise spraying also enables to make colour savings.


– Very precise colour border
– Homogenous colour glazing
– Colour savings