High pressure casting

The Cerinnov company is one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of pressure casting machines
with presently more than 200 machines in operation across the world.

The process consists in injecting under high pressure a suspension (ceramic slip). The piece is realized by the
evacuation of the water through the porosity of the mould, thanks to the pressure.

Development of pressure casting

The process is mainly used for the production of tableware and has been developed by our R&D team for
shaping applications in technical or refractory ceramics:

– Technical ceramics – Zirconia, Alumina, Nitride, …
– Refractory and kilns furniture – Cordierite, SIC, …
– Mineral chemistry and nanoparticle composition
– Ceramic body armor plates

Moreover, CERINNOV can optimize both ceramic slip formulation / porous resin depending of the composition and the particle size of your ceramic body.

Other know how

CERINNOV can also provide expertise into the following shaping processes:

– Jiggering of flatware and holloware
– Drain casting
– Automated or robotized finishing
– Robotized finishing of complex shapes thanks to trajectory tracking and stress sensors
– Robotized or automatized glazing by dipping or spraying