Mineral colours

Cerinnov has an important variety of already developed colours and distributes powder references
worldwide. Cerinnov makes its own colours and goes on developing new ones.

For development of new compositions in terms of colour or of characteristics, please don’t hesitate to
contact us.


– Numerous choices of colors
– Naomarq Process
– Development of personalized colors

Pressure casting molds

CERINNOV is specialist in the development of pressure casting machines, which means we have been able to
use this experience and knowledge to manufacture moulds for the pressure casting process.

CERINNOV can also insure the 3D conception of your models as well as producing case moulds following the
traditional method or by machine.


– High quality molds
– Nano-particles filtration

Isostatic press

CERINNOV is an established manufacturer of tools and dyes for isostatic presses for the ceramic tableware
industry. Over a 30 year period more than 1000 models have been realized for numerous customers.

CERINNOV is also a supplier of spare parts for equipments, membranes and polyurethane coatings for pins,
as well as the ceramic powder injection systems for isostatic press. A model, a plan or just a sketch is enough
to contact us. For the replacement of tooling parts, the plan of the part or even the used part enables us to
produce spare parts.


– Digitalization and 3D modélization
– High precision


Our ability to produce tools for isostatic presses also allows us to ensure the design and manufacturing of
complete “Roller” jiggering tools.
We have in this field a very long experience on all types of machines used in this technology.
We produce tools which are adapted to the specific needs of our clients in the materials of their choice.
We also make fully metal jiggering tools for complex articles (jars, vases, chimney heads, …) which, thanks to
a hinge system, allow a complete opening of the mold, in order to unmold articles with undercuts.
A model, a plan or just a sketch is enough to contact us.


– Digitalization and 3D modelization
– High precision


The production of membranes and punch coatings in polyurethane allowed us to develop this activity and to
extend it to other fields of the industry. We use this material to make diverse product supports in the field of

We also designed and produced several special articles, such as articles braking skates on handling
conveyors, special closing corks or squeegees with specific profiles which require an excellent resistance
against abrasion.

Once again, our mold maker activity and our skills in mechanics and boiler-making enable us to offer and
design special articles for our clients, whose development cost is minimized.


– Low realization cost
– High precision