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[THE POPULAR] The group continues its development

17 November 2017 | Catégorie: actualités, presse

In 2016, Cerinnov grew by 91%. © Photo Stéphane lefevre

Founded in 1998, Cerinnov is today one of the jewels of Limoges’ industry. And the company continues its development.

“For us, 2017 is a pivotal year. President of Cerinnov, an industrial equipment designer 4.0, Arnaud Hory expresses himself to the extent of those who have already pushed the doors of success. IPO in the spring of 2016, the company he created with his wife in 1998 had a record year in 2016: 91% growth and a turnover of 18.7 M €.


“The DNA of the group remains innovation and export,” adds the leader, whose company spends $ 2 million each year on research and development. The current year has also allowed Cerinnov to structure itself in order to continue its growth and diversification. “We made a structuring acquisition with the company Ceramifor, which manufactures furnaces in Portugal, details the CEO. We also recruited a lot of structuring people. Among them, Rémi Noguera, formerly of Ceradrop, has become deputy managing director of Cerinnov. Eric Jauffret becomes, in turn, general manager of the group in Portugal. “He will also be responsible for business development in sanitary production,” explains Arnaud Hory.   

From 70 employees in 2015 to 110 in 2017, the company plans to increase its workforce by “10%”, indicates its candidacy for corporate trophies.

This could go through a development in the Asian market. “It is growing strongly, concludes the boss of Cerinnov. There was a big breakthrough, with a turnover that went from 0.6 to 2 M €. There is also a significant potential, with structuring projects. In 2018, we will surely be present in Asia, by organic or organic growth. ”

In short. Date of creation: 1998. Workforce in 2017: 110.

Sebastien Dubois

Updated by Kévin Vienne

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