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Technical Ceramics

Getting the optimum characteristics from technical ceramics products requires a complete control of the fabrication process, especially the sintering process which will give the product its final properties.
Massive developments have been necessary to take the simplest designs, used for traditional ceramics production, to a technological level allowing to sinter pure alumina parts at 1,850°C.

WISTRA is a major supplier of sintering lines and kilns for the production of all kinds of technical ceramics, such as:

    • Structural and electronic ceramics
    • Multilayer
    • Catalysts and filters for the chemical and metal industries
    • Powdery products
    • Ceramics-metal composite materials
    • Bioprothesis
    • High-purity alumina and zirconium products
    • Passive, active and functional ceramics
    • Abrasive materials, cutting plates and tools
    • Grinding beads

For the firing process WISTRA offers a large range of equipment which are electricity or fossil fuels powered, depending on their capacity and production process:

  • Debinding and sintering under controlled atmospheres
  • Shuttle, chamber, bell type and lifting hearth kilns up to 2,000°C
  • Tunnel kilns up to 1,850°C
  • Roller kilns up to 1,650°C
  • Mesh belt kilns up to 1,000°C
  • Tempering kilns at 350°C
  • Rotary and pendulum kilns up to 1,600°C
  • Incineration units and thermal oxidizers